Live Well Counseling was built on the principle that we only get one life… we need to live it well.  So what does that mean to you?  Having more money, finding love, improving a relationship, getting some sleep, quieting the mind, rebuilding after a particularly difficult tribulation, finally making a decision and finding the strength to follow-through?  The list could go on.

The name Live Well Counseling was chosen as a reminder to myself, and hopefully others, that:

  • Time waits for no one and if we don’t pause to take in the good things  (Live Well)  we will surely miss out.
  • Balance is important.  A time for work, a time for play, and a time for just Be-ing.
  • It is not selfish to take care of oneself.  Remember what the flight attendant says, “In the event of an emergency, place your own mask on first before placing it on another.” (something like that)  Why do they say this?  Because you can not adequately care for someone else if you haven’t taken care of yourself.
  • Compassion is not just meant for other people.  Self-Compassion is a real thing and we deserve some of that.  Patience and Acceptance of self.  Understanding that we do not have to know everything or be everything to everyone.  And, we should not subject ourself to negative self-talk or ridicule when we make a mistake.  Everyone makes mistakes.  No one is perfect.

So, with all that said, I will try my damnedest to blog relevantly and regularly for you.  I hope my words will be uplifting, thought-provoking, and provide you kind-reader the opportunity to get to know me.  I look forward to sharing some time with you.