“Do I need to go to counseling?” or “Should I go to counseling?” is often times the first question one may ask him/herself when feeling stuck, lost, or at the end of the rope.  I understand that this decision is not made lightly.  This is why I provide in-person consultations for free.  I consider this free-time an Investment in our potential to work together.  Also, as a consumer of counseling services, I personally would like to meet and get a feel for the person with whom I am considering sharing with.  I’d like to know that in the future I’ll feel comfortable speaking to this professional  about my deeper feelings and the happenings in my life.   Trustworthiness is the foundation of the counseling relationship.  As a counselor, I am listening and assessing to determine that the issue/s being presented is within my scope of practice.  If something is outside my scope of practice I will provide referrals to counselors who may be of further assistance.  When potential clients meet with me for the first time in consultation, we will  1) determine if we will be a good fit for each other, 2) discuss what issues led to the decision that counseling may be the answer, and 3) make the decision if we intend to go on together.  At the same time, I am identifying strengths and formulating possible strategies for treatment.  So hopefully, when all is said and done we have determined if we are a good fit.  If we are, we will set our first appointment.  If not, then no harm, no foul.  You will leave with a list of referrals and I will go about my day with hopes that if you know someone who is seeking counseling services and feel like we may be a good fit, you will keep me in mind and send them my way.

A word later about Strengths.