Reflections on Rebuilding

As a another major storm nears in such a short time I find myself reflecting upon the strength and determination of people, creatures, Mother Nature. Hurricane Harvey lingered dropping seemingly endless rains, Irma with her size brought her own level of destruction, and now Hurricane Maria follows gaining strength as she heads toward another place […]

The Alphabet Soup Behind the Name

To become a licensed counselor we spend a lot of time in college. To become an even better counselor we continue to study. Some of this study leads to additional credentials, hence the alphabet soup, that you sometimes see behind a professional’s name. Just like in most other professions, changes are constantly happening and improvements are […]

Free Consultation- Our First Meeting

“Do I need to go to counseling?” or “Should I go to counseling?” is often times the first question one may ask him/herself when feeling stuck, lost, or at the end of the rope.  I understand that this decision is not made lightly.  This is why I provide in-person consultations for free.  I consider this […]

Spending Time with Family

I was just blessed with having almost my whole immediate family here with me.  At this visit, we had up to fourteen people in the house.  Each so different and yet in so many ways the same.  We did the usual tourist-y stuff, made campfires, talked, cooked and ate together, and just shared time.  Something […]

The Meaning Behind the Name

Live Well Counseling was built on the principle that we only get one life… we need to live it well.  So what does that mean to you?  Having more money, finding love, improving a relationship, getting some sleep, quieting the mind, rebuilding after a particularly difficult tribulation, finally making a decision and finding the strength […]

Counseling, for the First-Timer

This is my first time, ever, to counseling – what can I expect? First of all, you are due some praise [pat on the back] [smile] for realizing you have a need and taking steps toward better self-care.  Believe it or not, that may just be the hardest part.  Next comes finding the right professional […]

May is Mental Health Awareness Month

Physical health, Spiritual health, Mental health. They are all tied to together and impact one another, just like any other eco-system. None is more important than another, but when one is not in balance it calls out – loudly and can seemingly send the whole world into a tilt. When one thinks “mental health” usually […]